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of the "When" Series


Coming Fall 2024 to Amazon Kindle! 

Kelsey Baker just moved to a small town in Idaho. It’s a new beginning for her and the last thing she thought would ever happen is to meet a man who gets her heart racing, let alone TWO. She knows it’s not the norm to be involved with two men but they both consume her and she just can’t decide between them. The big question is, will both men be willing to make this relationship work - a relationship that includes all three of them?

Liam Walsh and Ben Jacobs are best friends who have known each other for years. Although they look like polar opposites, they are as close as brothers. Spotting a beautiful, dark-haired woman, in a local bar has got them both wound tight. Unfortunately, neither are comfortable with the other being attracted to her. Will pursuing her ruin their friendship or result in quite the opposite?

The uncertainty of a relationship between the three of them isn’t the only obstacle Kelsey is struggling with. When Kelsey comes face to face with a threat, it puts everything into perspective. A perspective that doesn’t only involve Kesley, but Liam and Ben as well.

Now available!

The "When" Series

Book 1
Book 2
Book 3

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"Great books! Keeps you guessing as to what's going to happen next. Great for readers who want to mix mystery with romance!"

- Amanda Redmiles, Reader

"Beautifully written novels! A. Shiloh clearly has an extremely vivid imagination! Great scenes that can spark an interest to fantasies about turning into reality! Highly recommend her books." 

- Hailie Hargraves, Reader

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