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Kelsey Baker just moved to a small town in Idaho. It’s a new beginning for her and the last thing she thought would ever happen is to meet a man who gets her heart racing, let alone TWO. She knows it’s not the norm to be involved with two men but they both consume her and she just can’t decide between them. The big question is, will both men be willing to make this relationship work - a relationship that includes all three of them?

Liam Walsh and Ben Jacobs are best friends who have known each other for years. Although they look like polar opposites, they are as close as brothers. Spotting a beautiful, dark-haired woman, in a local bar has got them both wound tight. Unfortunately, neither are comfortable with the other being attracted to her. Will pursuing her ruin their friendship or result in quite the opposite?

The uncertainty of a relationship between the three of them isn’t the only obstacle Kelsey is struggling with. When Kelsey comes face to face with a threat, it puts everything into perspective. A perspective that doesn’t only involve Kesley, but Liam and Ben as well.

"When" Series


Dawn Jenkins knows the meaning of survival. She lives on the streets of New York City, trying her best to survive, and dreams of the day her life will be different. Little does she know that one run-in with a handsome, wealthy businessman could change her future more than she'd ever realized. 

Nicholas Donahue is a man that is used to getting what he wants. He is a dominant New Yorker that isn't afraid to take and protect what he considers his. The first time he set eyes on a beautiful blonde woman, he is done for. He has no plan on stopping until he finds her and keeps her. 

Will their personal struggles keep them strong or will they be ones that tear them apart? They both come from two different worlds and that alone can destroy a relationship. No one ever said love was easy. True love is worth fighting for. Read and see if Dawn and Nicholas can prove their love is indeed true.  

Book 1

Rainn Evans has always wanted to make a difference. It started with her caring for her grandmother to now working towards helping those less fortunate. She struggles with everyday life, now including college. But it's not the school work that is causing her anxiety, it's something more personal. She's used to doing things on her own, so when a friend's neighbor decides to make her problems his, that's where she starts to question everything. Not just life, but love as well. 
Jonathan Philips had no idea a neighbor's friend would be it for him. He doesn't care she works in a diner or lives in a poorly developed neighborhood. All he cares about is that she will be his. His success has brought him a comfortable life and he's determined for her to be part of it. She's stubborn, caring, and to top it off, a complete knockout. When he finds out the truth behind her troubles, he knows he has to step in. It's his job to take care of her, whether she likes it or not. 
Will Rainn's stubbornness cause more harm than good or will Jonathan's persistence win in the end? She may be used to doing things on her own, but Jonathan won't let her push him away. By her side is the only place for him. Always and forever. 

Book 2

Heaven Phillips is a woman who deserves so much in life. She has goals set for herself and has done what she needs to do to obtain them. When she's finally away from her negative past, she finds an ideal position on a local farm. The fresh air and open fields are just what she needs. However, falling for her boss was not part of the plan. Although a part of her wants him, she can't help but try to convince herself love isn't in her sights right now. Little does she know, he has a plan of his own in mind. 

Eric Masterson is a southern boy at heart who moved north when he was a teenager. His New York family farm is now his and it's smooth sailing now that he has life all figured out, well, that is until Heaven shows up on his farm. Developing feelings for his new hire was the last thing he thought he'd ever do, but when push comes to shove, he knows exactly what he wants, and it's her. She brings baggage to the relationship and though she may think it's best she stays away, he has no intention of letting her go. 

Book 3

Stacey Addams is a famous romance author, though no one would know since she uses an alias to keep her privacy. She tries to live her life as normal as possible but all that changes after she and a famous actor, Landon Scott, cross paths. You'd think it's his fame that would cause obstacles in their lives, but it's Stacey that comes with the undesired past. Not only does she have an ex-boyfriend who still hasn't let her go, she now has a disturbing and deranged stalker.

Will things take a turn for the worse or will she be able to drive through these 'blocks' and get back to enjoying her life, her writing, and now her new love? Only one way to find out!

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