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Lets have a little Q&A, shall we?

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Who is A. Shiloh exactly?

So who am I, you're asking? I'm just an average woman in the USA. I have a handsome, loving husband, a doggy, and a cute little yard with a garden. I also love to read and go to the beach.

My family and I tend to go to the New Jersey Shore often throughout the summer, trying to spend as much time together as we can. And I can definitely post pictures on my social media of our getaway weekends. #romanceauthor #contemporaryromance #lovinghusband #americangirl #jersheyshore #reader #beachlover

Who are some of my favorite authors?

I have a couple of favorite authors that I tend to follow and admire. Those authors are Aurora Rose Reynolds, Hope Ford, Frankie Love, Megan Wade, Olivia T Turner, Alexa Riley, Mila Crawford, Evie Mitchell, Ella Goode, and Marley Michaels. There are definitely more but those are the ones that first come to mind. Actually, it's Aurora Rose Reynolds and her Until Series that inspired me to write. :-) #romanceauthors #aurorarosereynolds #untilseries #writer #hopeford #frankielove #meganwade

What kind of romance do you write?

I write contemporary romance. I have some steamy scenes in my books and always a happily ever after. The men in my books tend to be alpha males, they take-charge and very driven when it comes to their women. I love those type of books to escape too when reading, so I was eager to write ones of my own. #steamybooks #alphamales #lifeescape #takecharge #happilyeverafter #HEA

Where do you get your ideas from?

Sometimes when I read, one little scene or statement can trigger an idea and I immediately start writing out bullet-points of what I foresee for myself. Other times it's what I watch in a movie, TV show, or music while I drive in the car. It's funny some of the things that inspire people. I definitely do get writer's block sometimes, just like other authors, but I'm always eager when I get that spark back. #bookideas #daydream #authorthoughts #writersblock

What do you do to relax or escape from life?

I tend to read ALOT when I need that escape. I also watch The Office, Family Guy, Bob's Burgers, and Friends to escape to. I'm sure many of you like some of these shows or have shows of your own that you love to binge watch. :p #comedyshows #theoffice #friends #readingisawesome #readingescape

** I'm going to save further questions for another day. Have a great day everyone! <3

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